Sky Fall

Family Lines

Session 17

Present: Alethra, Dain, Mal, Nyx, Scaevolla

  • Scaevolla offers to replace the crown that was destroyed, Nyx giving him two fangs from Tala’s grave – one for the crown, and one for her own necklace
  • Party left Invermire, with Asher removing the circle tattoo from Dain’s hand
  • The Arcadia navigates through the storms around Selephise, and the Kyber Belt of asteroids. Mal mentions he wants a retirement home there.
  • Scaevolla finishes Nyx’s fang necklace
  • They make a stop off at Scarro, to visit Alethra’s family at Homewood Manor
  • They are invited in for dinner, meet her parents Gavriel and Alena Eveningstar, and the master of their personal forces Luris
  • Although Nyx was worried the children wouldn’t be accepted by the family, they were quickly welcomed, and Wilfrick given some new paints to colour with
  • After hearing the story of Ali’s adventures, and encouraging her to find Shion, a walk around the estate left the party and the family in front of some portraits of Alethra’s maternal grandparents, Faleim and Alissandra.
  • Mal recognises Faleim as his father, Otec
  • After rushing everyone back to the guest quarters, Mal reveals to Alethra and the party that he is her uncle
  • Alethra is overjoyed, but eventually they begin figuring out how this could have happened
  • Mal remembers Otec as being a stern and unloving man, who was only interested in his sons for power
  • Alethra remembers Faleim as being a mysterious but caring old man, who wouldn’t talk about his past and loved his family above anything else
  • After everyone goes to sleep, Dain is suspicious of the magic in the house, and finds an old museum
  • Inside is the property of Faleim/Otec, which Mal later identifies as his
  • Having breakfast with her mother, Alethra tells her about the new family development
  • They ask for time to process this information, and that they will do investigation of their own
  • Before leaving, Alethra visits her grandfather’s tomb, and uses Speak with Dead to ask him the truth,
  • He says that he did have another family, and changed his life in order to be happy
  • The party leave for Drure-di’im
  • Upon arriving, they visit Mal’s mother, Martha, who tells stories about Mal’s childhood. She also hasn’t seen any of Mal’s brothers recently.
  • They go to a pub, the White Chestnut, and get involved in a drinking competitions, which Nyx looses, while Alethra gets very drunk
  • Scaevolla takes on some thugs in an alley, which after defeating them, Dain reveals to be off duty guardsmen
  • They run away from the force of guards coming to break up the fight



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