Alethra Eveningstar

Half-elf Female Life Cleric


Race: Half-elf
Age: 27 years
Gender: Female
Alignment: NG
Class: Cleric
Titles: Cleric of the Bonesman
Points of Interest:

  • White blonde curly hair

Ali knew her grandparents as peaceful old people, and had often found it hard to believe the rumors and stories about them in their younger days. They kept their magic hidden (expect on the odd occasion when it was just family around), due to magic being outlawed. They are classed as traditionalist magic users. She would often see them going on strolls on sunny days and having picnics. They would o tend to the estates gardens. They both died when Ali was eight, of an incurable illness. When they were sick, Ali would often help take care of them. This is where her love of healing comes from, as her grandparents would often say to her that she made the pain go away. Ali’s grandmother died first, and her grandfather a month later. On his deathbed he said to Ali, while holding a picture of her grandmother, “treasure life, and accept death”.
This had a major impact on her, and this is the point where she wanted to be a cleric. Her parents let her attend and be acolyte of the nearby Bonesman temple. There was only a handfull of priests there, and only two other acolytes. It was one of the smaller temples of the Bonesman. Her teacher was a famous healer, who had a change in calling, and became a priest teacher instead.
When she was seventeen a travelling cleric came to stay at her temple. His name is Shion. He was a half drow elf (though is his drow part was disguised) . He was at the time four years older than her. He was travelling around to each bonesman temple. His goal was to learn new things from all different types of teachers. He stayed at the temple for about five years. And during that time he and Ali fell in love and got engage. Shortly after their engagement, he got an urgent letter to return quickly back to his home. After a month she still hadn’t heard anything from him. With permission from her temple Ali set off to be a traveling Cleric, however only her teacher knows the truth is that she is also setting off to find Shion. She decided that hemming will be a good place to start. Last place she knew Shion was going too and that he would contact her when he was there.

During her adventures…

Alethra Eveningstar

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