Clan Thunderweaver

Clan Thunderweaver is the Dragonborn clan created by Scaevolla Thunderweaver. While it was originally created in his youth as a way of filling the gap created by his lack of family, the clan now represents those who Scaevolla considers to be family. It’s members are inducted solely by the clan founder and in future only by it’s elder. Members of the clan are chosen based on virtue and character regardless of race or family. Members of the clan are considered family to one another and are expected to act as such.



Current Members

Scaevolla Thunderweaver (Founder), Alethra Eveningstar, Krystryd, Milo Tealeaf.


  • Bonds of Companionship
  • Freedom and Autonomy
  • Unbiased Acceptance

Points of Interest

Clan Thunderweaver does not currently have an elder to lead the clan. Traditionally the founder of a dragonborn clan would assume that position. However Scaevolla refuses to grant himself the title. Claiming that the elder of Clan Thunderweaver must earn the position and be acknowledged as elder by the members of the clan.

Clan Thunderweaver

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