Verus Sirius

Elf Male Ranger


Race: Wood Elf
Age: 90 years
Gender: Male
Weight:65Kg (143 Pounds)
Alignment: CN
Class: Ranger
Titles: Master Verus, of house Sirius, Emissary of the Warden of Hemming
Points of Interest:

  • Betrothed to the beautiful Vivianne Strath

Here be the abridged history of the elf known as Verus, from House Sirius.
Born to Carric (father) and Enna (mother) as the middle child of three (brothers Bryn = eldest, Eryn = youngest) during his childhood the only education he took seriously was that of the bow and combat, but that was due to how it augmented and improved his skills as a practical joker, this was taken lightly by those around him until his childhood friend Faen Ilphelkiir lost a finger during a prank gone wrong, after that his community decided that as he was of adult age, he was to go and make a name for himself in the outer world (paraphrased to “fuck off until you have matured”). Knowing little of the non-elven world around Calypso he quickly got into debt (500 gold) to one of the crime lord Shadow’s underlings, not knowing that he had to pay the money back. He then found his way to his betrothed, Vivianne Strath’s apartment in the Drure Diim where he stayed for a few weeks until he heard of an archery competition in Hemming, yet again being unaware of how money worked, Vivianne (who was a childhood friend) decided to give him instructions, and funds to get him to hemming to compete, hoping that the trip and competition would create a learning situation in which Verus could grow. We pick up the story with a very hung over Verus sitting in a pub in hemming……

During his adventures…

Verus Sirius

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