Scaevolla Thunderweaver (Lumirath)

Blue Dragonborn Monk Sorcerer


Race: Blue Dragonborn
Age: 17 years
Gender: Male
Height: 6’4"
Weight: 238lbs/108kg
Alignment: CG
Class: Monk Sorcerer
Titles: Unarmed Champion of Hemming Y994, Emissary of the Warden of Hemming.
Points of Interest:

  • Dark blue
  • Dresses in monk robes and a half-cloak tipped with blades.
  • Wields a wrist-mounted short sword called a Vamblade.
  • In battle his fists and weapons often crackle with lightning.

Scaevolla was abandoned as a child on the steps of the monastery Kaminari Tera in Selephise. Here he was raised as a student of the monk order within and inducted as a member of The Circle. His main mentor was a halfing called Milo Tealeaf. As a student Scaevolla was impatient and often immature. He misbehaved frequently and was reprimanded often. Once after disobeying Milo’s teachings Scaevolla was made to clean the 3000 steps to the monastery while Milo sat on his back.

During his childhood within the monastery Scaevolla had few friends and was oftened tormented by two other dragonborn, Frosyth and Kel. They tormented him as he was adopted and therefore had no clan heritage. Because of this Scaevolla got into many fights with Frosyth, despite the rules of the order condemning fighting outside of training. Kel, being older and more even-tempered than Frosyth, never fought Scaevolla; saying that “Clanless scum like him aren’t worth lifting a finger for. Even to put down.”

In an attempt to counteract being clanless Scaevolla formed his own clan. The clan Thunderweaver. While this was never acknowledged by his tormentors or any adult dragonborn he has carried the name into his adult life. Scaevolla believes that the bond of clan belongs not only to blood relatives but those who share a strong bond of companionship. As such the first member inducted into Clan Thunderweaver was Milo and the second was his teenage best-friend and love-interest: Kristryd.

During one fight against Frosyth, things rapidly went out of control. Scaevolla had started to gain the upper-hand and was taunting his hated opponent. Frosyth, who was enraged, attacked Scaevolla with his ice breath weapon. Scaevolla seeing Frosyth inhale in preparation for the attack retaliated with his own lightning breath weapon. Scaevolla’s struck first. Leaving Frosyth with a black, forked scar across his silver-scaled face. Because of this incident Scaevolla was expelled from the monastery by the elder and the council. However since Scaevolla was still young the elder chose not to exile him entirely from The Circle, leaving his mark intact on his left palm.

After leaving the monastery Scaevolla wandered the land and became a pit fighter. During his time as a pit fighter he met Treeve the half-orc whom he had several fights with. Treeve became a solid friend and rival within the tournament circles and taught Scaevolla about earning a living as a fighter.

Scaevolla arrived in Hemming for the local tournament. Here he met the other members of Fortuna Vult.

During his adventures…

Scaevolla Thunderweaver (Lumirath)

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