Sky Fall

Family Lines
Session 17

Present: Alethra, Dain, Mal, Nyx, Scaevolla

  • Scaevolla offers to replace the crown that was destroyed, Nyx giving him two fangs from Tala’s grave – one for the crown, and one for her own necklace
  • Party left Invermire, with Asher removing the circle tattoo from Dain’s hand
  • The Arcadia navigates through the storms around Selephise, and the Kyber Belt of asteroids. Mal mentions he wants a retirement home there.
  • Scaevolla finishes Nyx’s fang necklace
  • They make a stop off at Scarro, to visit Alethra’s family at Homewood Manor
  • They are invited in for dinner, meet her parents Gavriel and Alena Eveningstar, and the master of their personal forces Luris
  • Although Nyx was worried the children wouldn’t be accepted by the family, they were quickly welcomed, and Wilfrick given some new paints to colour with
  • After hearing the story of Ali’s adventures, and encouraging her to find Shion, a walk around the estate left the party and the family in front of some portraits of Alethra’s maternal grandparents, Faleim and Alissandra.
  • Mal recognises Faleim as his father, Otec
  • After rushing everyone back to the guest quarters, Mal reveals to Alethra and the party that he is her uncle
  • Alethra is overjoyed, but eventually they begin figuring out how this could have happened
  • Mal remembers Otec as being a stern and unloving man, who was only interested in his sons for power
  • Alethra remembers Faleim as being a mysterious but caring old man, who wouldn’t talk about his past and loved his family above anything else
  • After everyone goes to sleep, Dain is suspicious of the magic in the house, and finds an old museum
  • Inside is the property of Faleim/Otec, which Mal later identifies as his
  • Having breakfast with her mother, Alethra tells her about the new family development
  • They ask for time to process this information, and that they will do investigation of their own
  • Before leaving, Alethra visits her grandfather’s tomb, and uses Speak with Dead to ask him the truth,
  • He says that he did have another family, and changed his life in order to be happy
  • The party leave for Drure-di’im
  • Upon arriving, they visit Mal’s mother, Martha, who tells stories about Mal’s childhood. She also hasn’t seen any of Mal’s brothers recently.
  • They go to a pub, the White Chestnut, and get involved in a drinking competitions, which Nyx looses, while Alethra gets very drunk
  • Scaevolla takes on some thugs in an alley, which after defeating them, Dain reveals to be off duty guardsmen
  • They run away from the force of guards coming to break up the fight
Delving in the Past
Session 16

Present: Alethra, Dain, Mal, Nyx, Scaevolla, Verus

Parting of Ways
Session 15
Those Responsible
Session 14

Present: Alethra, Dain, Klein, Nyx, Scaevolla, Verus

  • The battle with Kasvyn and Lady Debune begins, and the party nearly get flanked by the household hounds which had been converted to some kind of undead creatures
  • Highlights included: Verus nearly dying to a cloudkill spell, and rolling 3 critical fails, Mal opening a door to find a demon dog and “noping” the door shut again, Dain telling it “bad doggo” and using the Witch’s Heart, also bear traps
  • Scaevolla focuses Lady Debune, finishing her off with a burst of his dragon’s breath
  • As she lies dying, she begs Kasvyn to save her, to which he replies “No mother.”
  • Kasvyn is killed shortly after
  • A search of the room reveals an enchanted necklace around Lady Debune’s neck, and a thick book on the altar
  • Nyx activates a trap trying to get it, and spears shoot from the floor. Although she escapes, Mal is pierced through, and nearly dies as Alethra rushes to save him
  • Further into the crypt, cells containing the children are found. Some are dead, and those living are starving
  • At the far end, three cages are separated from the rest
  • The first contains a pile of children which appear to have killed each other, the second is similar although something is missing
Trial of the Graverobber
Session 13

Present: Alethra, Dain, Klein, Nyx, Scaevolla

Brief Overview:

  • Everyone talks to everyone outside the ship
  • Decide to the battle meeting until the next evening, so that they have more time to prepare
  • Klein brews two potions of resist charm, and cooks the best chicken soup. The party gains 2d8 temporary hit points.
  • Nyx attempts to steal a dead body from the morgue, in order to message Sahi’ik, but gets arrested in doing so
    *Dain gets the party’s weapons silvered
  • Scaevolla goes to find Treeve, discovers that he’s drinking his sorrows away in a tavern. He’s in love with Constance, but she’s not interested. Scaevolla convinces him to help storm the manor, which will make Constance think he’s impressive.
  • Alethra gets holy water, but struggles to find another alchemist for more potions.
    *At the Warden’s office, Marcarius, Gears, Laird, and a tall blonde woman by the name of “Connie” are waiting
  • Nyx gets bought in from the cells, and has to explain herself. After failing to do so, Connie covers for you
  • They ride up to the manor in the night, and make camp
  • Just before dawn, they begin the attack, Fortuna Vult doing a short scout before barging straight in the front door
  • They kill a few guards before interrogating a third to find that the nobles, Duchess Debune, and the little lord Kasvyn should be asleep in their beds upstairs.
    *Getting the the bedrooms, they empty – probably alerted by the noise of killing the guards
Session 12

Present: Dain, Klein, Mal, Scaevolla, Verus

A Child's Curse
Session 11

Present: Alethra, Dain, Klein, Mal, Nyx, Scaevolla

Brief Overview

  • Party wakes up and realises that they have no breakfast, and no Elvering, so seeks out the market
  • Meets Klein Fellbore, who recognises Mal
  • Dain steals stew behind Kein’s back, even though the party are later given free food
  • Hang out and read the newspaper
  • Klein joins the party
    DM/N: Bandit now eats a lot healthier, due to endless apples from Klein
  • Mal goes to the library to research about the children disappearing
  • Discovers that a flash of light occurred just before it all started, 4 months ago
  • Scaevolla, Dain, and Verus went to Kale’s, to commission Scaevolla’s Vamblade (like a vambrace, but a blade) to be completed
  • Dain makes more hammers
  • Alethra, Klein, and Nyx go to the warden, Marcarius
  • Find out where most of the children are going missing, also that there is a task force returning to the city the following evening
  • Talk to some of the children being kept there
  • Recognise Wilfrik, he tells them about Kalynn going missing
  • Nyx thinks about adopting him, but leaves him with the Warden’s men for the time being
Back to Reality
Session 10

Brief Overview

  • Players find themselves in the drug den
  • The door disappears and Dain catches the Emerald door handle
  • Trekking through the rain, return to the Bone Annexe
  • Valour talks to Templar Alban about his purpose in life instead of sleeping
  • When they wake up, identify all of the loot
  • Valour reveals he can no longer travel with the party, and he and Elvering depart in order to continue finding information on Valour’s past
  • Scaevolla becomes the single father of a tree, seeks help from the Rose Temple
  • Renata is de-stoned by Templar Alban, demands the full story
  • It is revealed that Lika had an Hourglass necklace that contained the source of her power, which was not recovered
  • Although upset, Renata does promise to keep her end of the deal, and asks the party to name three items
  • More shopping is done as the party decide what to ask for
  • Renata promises to return the following evening
The Long Night
Session 9

Brief Overview

  • Trek out across the desert, surviving quicksand and exhaustion
  • Find a tomb with a giant stone dragon
  • Solve the riddle, the dragon grins and opens the door
  • Find the same island as inhabited by young Lika, she has been waiting for them
  • Could feel them systematically destroying pieces of her psychic palace
  • Demands Renata, and will trade their freedom for it
Valour Undone
Session 8

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